Sunday, July 26, 2009

Second test post

Isn't this thrilling!

I know, i'll talk about my latest score. Almost like a real post - almost. I bought my wife a Hello Kitty shirt - that's not the score. While I was there, however, I noticed these amazing Atari belts - black with an Atari logo emblazoned on the buckle and silver logos and words written in block script down the length of it. It's awesome, it's me and now - it's mine.

Test post

I need some stuff so I can see what the blog looks like with content. If you've stumbled across this, good for you! Come back soon, there will be interesting things to read - I promise! If you're into classic games and the collecting thereof, that is...

Umm some more text... Let's see... how many cars drive past my office every day, I wonder? How many people have bought Shatter since release on PSN yesterday, I wonder?